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Is a semiclassical approximation a proper intrepretation to data showing weak quantum phenomena?

Dear Professor Datta,

Some previous researchers, e.g. Boeuf, Skotnicki, and Colinge, measured electrical phenomena, which measured data weakly appear or do not appear any quantum or oscillation curves, at low temperature. Do you believe a semiclassical approximation is a proper interpretation to those measured phenomena if the proposed data from them are valid? I bought a copy of your book, Quantum Transport” from At page 165 of the ebook, you talk about the calculation of electron density by a triangular potential approximation. I submitted a paper to “JJAP Special Issue:IWDTF2011” mentioning about a possible approximation intrepreting those measured phenomena. But I discovered that I mistyped some formulas at my paper. They properly do not have a willingness to publish my paper. I appreciate your attention and help. I hope that I can listen to your suggestions.

Sincerely yours,

Che-Sheng Chung e-mail: Taipei, Taiwan, ROC September 23, 2011

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