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Dave Mitchel


Dear colleagues, how do you think, it is necessary to implement nanotechnology in high school education? Does anyone have such experience? What pluses and minuses can you see in it?

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    Anna Andreevna Krekotun

    I saw a lot of examples of it and they are extremely positive, that thing gives the opportunity to feel real scientists and receive more realistic knowledge about the world. But it is extremely expensive for schools and implementation is possible only in countries like Emirates (they have a lot of money and agree to share them between citizens – so everyone live good there), or banana republics. As I know Russia and Mexico are really going to start learning these programs in school and make them obligatory (In Russia nanotechnology is a popular theme, everyone try to take part in it, as for schools it is just ordinary talks, but movements started already so NT-MDT have sent 300 microscopes to schools in Russia, and in Mexico one scientist talked to officials and they immediately agreed to implement nanotechnology in school)

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