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Mackenzie Scott

S/D dopes only n-type? Can I get around max dimensions? Anywhere to download this?

I see with this tool we can dope the channel p and n type, but only n type is available for the source and drain. Is this an error of some sort, or was this deliberate? It seems to me that it would be helpful to be able to do p all over as well as n.

Also, is there any way to get by the maximum dimensions allowed by this tool? Are they just set as the max because the tool does not produce accurate results past these points?

Finally, is there a way to download a copy of this tool to run locally instead of relying on the nanohub web interface? Source code is not necessary (as it is closed source) but a binary might be useful to be able to quickly run sims for research purposes.

Thank you very much.

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    Mincheol Shin

    Sorry about late response.

    This simulator is for NMOS only, so p-doped S/D is not allowed. A PMOS extension of the simulator is under development.

    Ballistic transport is assumed in this simulator: the device dimension should be small enough to ensure the validity of the ballistic transport.

    Currently, the binary is not downloadable. Even if one downloads the binary, almost certainly it won’t be run on a local machine, due to the compatibility issues (architecture, libraries, etc).

    As the author of the tool, I am currently trying to extend the simulator to include 2D/3D, ohmic/Schottky contacts, electron/hole transport and band-to-band tunneling, arbitrary device orientation etc. If the license problem is solved, I will also upload the source code.

    Mincheol Shin.

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