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Jeff Camacho

Are there any clear advantages to either UTB SOI vs FinFet devices?

I have been doing some reading on these devices and it seems that both structures give the gate more control and suppress the influence of the drain voltage on the channel. So, is there a clear choice between the two? Is one better than the other?

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    SungGeun Kim


    You mean SOI UTB vs SOI FinFET? Both of these are SOI devices. That means the only difference is the dimensionality. FinFET normally has triple gates. That means it gives us more gate-controllability. However, fabricating FinFET would be more diffult than UTB, because FinFET is a 3 dimensional structure. In real world, even though you may want to go to FinFET, there will be more factors coming into play when fabrication steps become more complex.

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