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Mihai Axinte

Removing the unasigned with material pixels from material

I have a microstructure photo and the interes part from the image does not have a regular straight line border and is smaller than the actual image. I can assign materials to the interest pixels and then erase the pixels without material? The skeleton is made by the big picture frame, not by the material pixels and there is no sense to keep those pixels.

Thanks in advance.

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    Stephen Langer

    If you don’t assign a material to the pixels, then the corresponding finite elements won’t be used in the calculations. However, it may be hard to impose boundary conditions. You can also assign a material to all pixels and remove it from the pixels that aren’t part of the microstructure using the “Remove Material from Pixels” button on the Materials page. If it’s possible to work with a rectangular subregion of the microstructure, the simplest solution would be to use an image editor to crop the image before loading it into OOF2. — Steve

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