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p-channel, n-channel, nanoMOS 2.5

Dear Sir I am student of electronic(MS), and very interest in DG MOSFET. I have a quastion about p-channel & n-channel DG MOSFET, I dont know exactly which structure correspond to p-channel & n-channel. For example the NanoMos2.5 simulate the n-channel, what about the p-channel channel?? What can we do( for example) for creating the Inverter gate with n & p channel DG MOSFET? Best Regard Majid Seifi

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    Kurtis Cantley

    NanoMOS does not treat holes due to the difficulties of the hole band structure. Thus there is no p-channel MOSFET option, and when simulating n-channel, no effects due to holes are included. With the current version, you could not get real simulation data to design an inverter.

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