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Matt Young

What causes the simulation to freeze?

I am using VEDA in contact mode. I load example 1, and use virtually all default parameters, except cantilever stiffness, which is .2 and fi, which is 23 kHz. P and I gains are both changed to .005. Every other parameter is default. The simulation runs normally until it hits 73%, then freezes and never finishes.

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    Daniel Kiracofe

    Matt: we just released an updated version of VEDA. I believe that this bug has been fixed. Try it and let us know how it works. If you continue to have problems, let me know (posting a new question or ticket is best… for some reason I don’t always get notified when a follow up is posted to an existing question)

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    Daniel Kiracofe

    Looks like you’ve found a bug. Sorry about that. I am able to reproduce this behavior. Give me a few days to track it down. We should have it fixed soon.


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