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Quantum Cellular Automata as Bio-Information Processing Tool--A Perspective

By: D. N. Kumar, Qu-Fu Wei, Dan Tao
D. N. Kumar, Qu-Fu Wei, Dan Tao, (2010), "Quantum Cellular Automata as Bio-Information Processing Tool--A Perspective", Proceedings Of Tbis 2010, Proceedings of TBIS 2010: pg: 555-559, (DOI: 10.3993/tbis2010098). Cited by:


Type Proceedings
Journal Proceedings Of Tbis 2010
Book title Proceedings of TBIS 2010
Ref Type R
Date published May 28, 2010
Year 2010
Month 00
Pages 555-559
DOI 10.3993/tbis2010098
Text snippet/Notes {{none}}
LKZ-note, a GS search on this title turns up what looks to be the wrong paper. The proceedings from this conference are all grouped together and GS labels them by the title of the first paper. The actual paper begins on page 555 and ends on 559.
Submitted By Swaroop S
Submitted Friday, May 20, 2011 @ 12:00am

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