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  • 27 Feb 2011
    1:00 pm EST 
    to 02 Mar 2011
    10:00 pm EST 

    Nanotech Insight

    Category: conference/workshop

    Nanotech is making yesterday's dreams into today’s reality. This conference series brings together renowned scientists, engineers and industry leaders to engage in a multidisciplinary and global dialogue about the latest advancements in nanoscience.

  • 02 Mar 2011
    5:00 pm EST 
    to 7:00 pm EST 

    Materials Cyberinfrastructure: What it is, Why it's Important, and Some Live Demonstrations

    Category: conference/workshop

    In a 2008 National Academies study on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), the importance of an ICME cyberinfrastructure was discussed in some detail. Such a cyberinfrastructure is composed of elements including collaborative Web sites, repositories of various types of data,...

  • 03 Mar 2011
    8:00 pm EST 
    to 9:00 pm EST 

    Illinois: Power electronics architectures enabling increased power density and efficiency with applications in renewable energy, energy harvesting, and IC power delivery

    Category: seminar

    The field of power electronics has not experienced the same dramatic size reduction and performance improvements as information processing electronics have derived from Moore's law. Consequently, the size, weight, and cost of modern electronics is often limited by the power electronics...

  • 04 Mar 2011
    5:00 pm EST 
    to 6:00 pm EST 

    Student Chapter Electronic Device Society (EDS) Call Out

    Category: other

    Dr. Renuka Jindal of IEEE and EDS will be meeting with students to discuss formation of a student chapter of the Electronic Device Society (EDS) at Purdue. All interested students and faculty are invited to attend. Dr. Jindal will be providing pizza. If more discussion time is needed beyond...

  • 04 Mar 2011
    7:00 pm EST 
    to 8:30 pm EST 

    Dr. Renuka Jindal, IEEE EDS President, Seminar: Nano-FET Fluctuation Physics

    Category: seminar

    Abstract: Following the first demonstration of the MOSFET in 1960 at Bell Laboratories, the understanding of its intrinsic noise mechanisms quickly followed. However, as technology improved, the discovery and understanding of a host of other noise mechanisms evolved slowly over time. In this...

  • 08 Mar 2011
    1:00 pm EST 
    to 09 Mar 2011
    10:00 pm EST 

    national conference on nano science and technology ( NAkNOw FIESTA - 2K11)

    Category: conference/workshop

    To provide exposure in the recent trends of nanoscience and technology and emphasize its role in everyday life. To bring eminent researchers across the nation under one roof,to inspire the budding researchers. To create a common platform to share ideas and inventions. The conference...


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