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Events: 2012/05/23

  • 23 May 2012
    • 1:00 pm BST 
      10:00 pm BST 

      Illinois 2012: Biophotonics Summer School (biomolecular sensing, nanoprobes, nanoscopy, nanoplasmonics, and more...)

      Category: conference/workshop

      10 days: 4 hours of lectures per day, 4 hours of laboratory and computing per day TOPICS: Principles of Biophotonics, Technology and methods of investigation, Current research (e.g. biomolecular sensing, nanoprobes, nonlinear microscopy, nanoscopy, nanoplasmonics)Leading speakers from...

    • 2:00 pm BST 
      10:00 pm BST 

      Software Bootcamp 2012: Building Scientific Tools

      Category: conference/workshop

      Introduction to the Rappture Toolkit for incoming students in the NCN SURF program. Learn the basics of scientific programming in MATLAB, Fortran, and other programming languages. Use the Rappture toolkit to accelerate the development of interfaces for scientific tools. Get your tools online at...

    • 1:30 pm BST 
      to 11:15 pm BST 

      Illinois 2012: Workshop on Programmable Functional Materials (WPFM 2012)

      Category: conference/workshop

      The Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory (FSMRL) will host the Workshop on Programmable Functional Materials on May 23, 2012. This workshop brings together leaders in the fields of materials assembly, computation, and theory with an emphasis on soft functional materials. Invited...


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