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Events: 2012/10

  • 02 Oct 2012
    5:00 pm EDT 
    to 6:00 pm EDT 

    Biomateriomics - from Atoms to Structures: ASME Complimentary Webinar

    Category: other

    This webinar will present a comprehensive review of bottom-up design of materials for various purposes – as structural materials such as bone in our body or lightweight composites, for electronic applications as thin metal films, and as multifunctional sensors to measure small changes in...

  • 04 Oct 2012
    9:30 pm EDT 
    to 11:30 pm EDT 

    NCN@Purdue Professional Development Seminar - Dr. Srini Chakravathi

    Category: seminar

    Srini Chakravathi, Slater and Matsil, LLP, will give a talk titled "Patent Law: Is it right for you?" Pizza will be served. All NCN@Purdue students are expected to attend. Abstract: To explain what a career in patent law entails, I will address three broad categories: what are patents,...

  • 15 Oct 2012
    9:15 pm EDT 
    to 11:00 pm EDT 

    nanoHUB workshop for tool developers: keeping up with updates

    Category: seminar

    The HUBzero staff will provide an overview regarding changes to the nanoHUB tool development environment. This summer, the workspace tool received a major upgrade, going from the 32bit lenny to the 64bit squeeze platform. Tool developers are required to publish a new version of their tool...


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