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Events: 2014/07/08

  • 07 Jul 2014
    • 12:00 pm EDT 
      9:00 pm EDT 

      Novel Cancer Therapeutics Summit 2014

      Category: conference/workshop

      This summit includes two parallel conferences bringing together experts from industry, academia and government to discuss emerging targets, therapeutics, progress in cancer immunotherapy, and strategies against cancer. In addition, focuses on business development trends, partnership...

    • 6:00 pm EDT 
      3:00 am EDT 

      3rd Oncology Partnering & Deal Making

      Category: conference/workshop

      This event is a partnership and business development conference that provides an opportunity to network with high-level executives from top pharma and various biotech/pharmaceutical companies, as well as explore potential collaborations and learn about relevant issues in oncology that will...

    • 6:00 pm EDT 
      3:00 am EDT 

      5th Cancer Targets & Therapeutics Conference

      Category: conference/workshop

      With the rapid progression of molecular biology and genetics, and the subsequent emergence of many new targets, emerging targets and therapeutics provide new opportunities for the prevention and treatment of several major disease systems. The 5th Cancer Targets & Therapeutics Conference, taking...


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