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Accelerators for Science and Engineering Applications: GPUs and Multicore

Category: conference/workshop
Description: High-performance computing is entering a new era with the emergence of petascale systems that will enable researchers to solve a new class of complex problems. To ensure these capabilities are available, researchers must develop new programming paradigms and advanced code development tools for science, engineering, digital arts and humanities, and a variety of interdisciplinary applications. [[BR]][[BR]] Furthermore, virtually all semiconductor product domains--including PCs, game consoles, mobile handsets, servers, supercomputers, and networks--are converging to parallel processors. Processors from NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, and IBM either are or soon will be massively parallel. Programming these processors will require in-depth knowledge about parallel programming principles, as well as the parallelism models, communication models, and resource limitations of these processors. [[BR]][[BR]] The target audience for this Virtual School summer school event includes graduate and doctoral students from all disciplines who want to use these processors for new and exciting applications projects, as well as those who want to develop programming tools and future designs of these processors. The goal is to provide students with knowledge and hands-on experience in developing applications software for processors with massively parallel computing resources. Students will learn about how to accelerate science and engineering applications using graphics processing units (GPUs) and multicore processors. [[BR]][[BR]] The summer school will include tutorials, hands-on programming assistance, lectures by experts, and a multidisciplinary panel discussion.
When: Monday 18 August, 2008 8:00 am EDT - Friday 22 August, 2008 5:00 pm EDT
Where: NCSA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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