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Nanoscale Heat Transfer for Emerging Energy Technologies - COMPLIMENTARY ASME Webinar

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Description: Nanoscale materials have emerged as promising candidates for a variety of direct energy conversion applications ranging from photovoltaics to thermoelectrics. Further, nanoscale materials can also improve traditional energy processes by enhancing heat transfer and other transport characteristics. For example, graphitic materials offer scalable processing routes and interesting properties for a variety of energy-related devices such as solar cells, supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries. However, understanding of heat flow in such materials remains limited, largely because of the complexity of thermal transport through spatially confined materials and their interfaces to bulk 3D materials. This webinar will offer a fundamental study of heat flow through the various levels of spatial confinement, as well as a review of interfacial heat transfer between dissimilar materials. Who Should Attend: • Graduate students seeking a ‘bottom-up’ understanding of heat conduction • Engineers interested in applying nanomaterials in practical, heterogeneous systems. What You Will Learn: • Energetics and statistics of the principal thermal energy carriers in solids (phonons and electrons). • General principles of solid lattice structure and spatial confinement caused by nanomaterials. • Thermal energy carrier scattering and conduction through nanomaterials and interfaces between dissimilar materials.
When: Tuesday 05 June, 2012, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST
Where: Live Webinar
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