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Biomateriomics - from Atoms to Structures: ASME Complimentary Webinar

Category: other
Description: This webinar will present a comprehensive review of bottom-up design of materials for various purposes – as structural materials such as bone in our body or lightweight composites, for electronic applications as thin metal films, and as multifunctional sensors to measure small changes in temperature or stress, designed from the bottom up and through a close coupling of experiment and powerful computation as we assemble a new generation of materials, atom by atom. The webinar will review case studies of joint experimental-computational work of biomimetic materials design, manufacturing and testing for the development of strong, tough and mutable materials for applications as protective coatings, cables and structural materials. The webinar will outline challenges and opportunities for technological innovation for biomaterials and beyond, exploiting novel concepts of mathematics based on category theory, which leads to a new way to organize hierarchical structure-property information.
When: Tuesday 02 October, 2012, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT
Where: N/A - Live Webinar
  1. biomaterials
  2. nano technology
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