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MEMS Virtual Prototyping for Debugging Your Process Flow

Category: seminar
Description: The NNIN at the University of Michigan will be hosting a presentation on ” MEMS Virtual Prototyping for Debugging Your Process Flow.”, which will be broadcast live as a web based seminar. IntelliSuite was the first MEMS-specific CAD tool and has been under active development for over 20 years. This webinar will explore how IntelliFab, a powerful process flow simulation tool, can help MEMS designers and process engineers save valuable time and cost in their processes while helping professors teach their students about optimizing complex process flows. This webinar will cover: building and debugging process flows, working with MEMaterial (MEMS process database) and foundry ready templates, quickly visualizing process flows, exporting photo-realistic renderings for presentations, and discussion of the new features and capabilities available in the latest IntelliFab release.
When: Tuesday 25 September, 2012, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT
Where: NNIN/C at University of Michigan
  1. intellifab
  2. MEMS
  3. simulation methods
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