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Cancer Drug Research & Development Conference

Category: conference/workshop
Description: ear Colleague, We invite you to join us at GTC's Inaugural Cancer Drug Research & Development Conference on May 6-7, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. The Cancer Drug Research and Development Conference will bring together experts in industry and academia to discuss various approaches to the development of drugs as well as other promising therapeutics on the horizon. This conference will cover topics such as cancer targets, kinase inhibitors, drug resistance, combination therapy, cancer metabolism, invasion and metastasis, epigenetic regulators and immunotherapy. Sessions for 2014 Agenda: I. Drug Programs, Cancer Targets & Kinase Inhibitors II. Drug Resistance & Combination Therapy III. The Development of Drugs Targeting Metabolic Pathways IV. Epigenetic Regulators as Drug Targets in Cancer V. Invasion & Metastasis VI. Cancer Immunotherapy & Checkpoint Inhibitors This conference is part of our Europe Drug Discovery Summit, which will also feature three additional meetings over the course four days: Europe Drug Discovery Summit: Cancer Drug Research & Development (May 6-7, 2014) Tissue Models & Drug Screening (May 6-7, 2014) Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry (May 8-9, 2014) Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery (May 8-9, 2014) We encourage you to sign up for a summit pass to have access to all four conferences.
When: Tuesday 06 May, 2014 5:00 pm EDT - Wednesday 07 May, 2014 11:00 pm EDT
Where: Berlin
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