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Drug Discovery Summit

Category: conference/workshop
Description: We invite you to attend the Drug Discovery Summit, which will take place May 22- 23, 2014 in Cambridge, MA. The summit will bring together our usual balance of industry and academia, so that delegates have the unique opportunity to network with colleagues from different sectors and gain fresh perspective on the various research happening. The Summit will consist of the following four co-located conferences: I. Bioanalytical Sensors This meeting will include discussion on advances in sensor development, the clinical application of bioanalytical sensors, single molecule sensing, and bio-electrochemical sensing. II. Metabolimics: Advances & Applications in Human Disease The conference will focus on the clinical aspects in the metabolomics field such as advances in metabolite markers for use in personalized medicine, novel computational approaches for metabolome assessment as well as developments in clinical assay standardization and qualification for the implementation of metabolite markers in clinical development of drug candidates. III. GPCR Structure, Function, and Drug Discovery The GPCR conference seeks to provide a forum for researchers from both industry and academia to exchange complimentary perspectives on the latest discovery. We will cover topics such as biased signaling, novel ligands, X-ray crystallography, and many more. Join us to discuss the future of drug discovery and the role of GPCRs! IV. Single Cell Analysis Come to learn about the latest advances in single cell genomics and imaging techniques, share ideas with colleagues and network with experts in the single cell analysis field.
When: Thursday 22 May, 2014 8:00 pm EDT - Saturday 24 May, 2014 5:00 am EDT
Where: Hyatt Regency Cambridge
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