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19 Aug 2014

  • Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion simulator

    Featured 19 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    This tool calculates the optimal distribution of particles subject to a Coulombic potential on the surface of a sphere.
  • ECE 659 Lecture 38.0: Correlations and Entanglement

    Featured 19 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

  • Computational Nanoscience, Lecture 12: In-Class Simulation of Ising Model

    Featured 19 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    This is a two part lecture in which we discuss the spin-spin correlation function for the the Ising model, correlation lengths, and critical slowing down. An in-class simulation of the 2D Ising Model is performed using the tool "Berkeley Computational Nanoscience Class Tools". We...
  • What limits the construction of mobile DNA nanojunctions?

    Featured 19 Aug 2014 in Answers

    Asked by Madhanagopal B - 4 years 2 months ago - 0 responses

    How critical is the design of sequences in the construction of a DNA nanojunction? Is this the only limiting factor in the construction a mobile junction? What are the other factors that one needs to consider while attempting to design and create a mobile nanojunction (a structure with a...

18 Aug 2014

  • Carrier Statistics Lab

    Featured 18 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    Calculate the electron & hole density in semiconductors
  • Introduction to VEDA: Virtual Environment for Dynamic AFM

    Featured 18 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    This resource has become outdated and has been retired by agreement with the author. Please see the VEDA tool page and supporting documents for current information regarding the VEDA Tool. This learning module describes the motivation, theory, and features of VEDA- a Virtual Environment for...
  • ECE 695s Lecture 8: Photonic Crystals Fibers

    Featured 18 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

  • Carbon nanotube structure model?

    Featured 18 Aug 2014 in Answers

    Asked by Anonymous - 4 years 5 months ago - 1 response

    Dear fellow members, is there a carbon nanotube model here of a few nanometers I could get in either XYZ or preferably PDB file, minimized?

17 Aug 2014

  • Drift-Diffusion Lab

    Featured 17 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    Simulate single semiconductor characteristics
  • Interfacing Carbon Nanotubes with Biological Systems: From Biosensors to Cellular Transporters

    Featured 17 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    This talk will discuss two relatively new topics in carbon nanotube research. The first is nanotubes for chemical and biological sensors, an exploration motivated by the ultra high surface area of single walled carbon nanotubes and the need for label free electronic detectors for a wide range of...
  • Inelastic Scattering in NEGF: Matlab Implementation and Exercises

    Featured 17 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    A set of Matlab scripts has been developed illustrating the treatment of inelastic scattering in non-equilibrium Greens function (NEGF) based quantum transport models. The first script highlights the core principles using a simple conductor described by a (2x2) Hamiltonian matrix, while the...
  • evanscent modes considered?

    Featured 17 Aug 2014 in Answers

    Asked by Debanjan Basu - 5 months 3 days ago - 0 responses

    Does the simulation also include evanescent modes? (the “device” section is finite, evanescent waves should be able to couple transmission modes in the leads, right?)

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