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28 Aug 2014

  • Boltzmann Transport Simulator for CNTs

    Featured 28 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    Simulate Electron transport in Single-walled carbon nanotubes using an upwinding discretization of the Boltzmann transport equation in the relaxation time approximation.
  • Nano-Scale Device Simulations Using PROPHET-Part I: Basics

    Featured 28 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    Part I covers the basics of PROPHET, including the set-up of simulation structures and parameters based on pre-defined PDE systems.
  • Periodic Potential Lab Demonstration: Standard Kroenig-Penney Model

    Featured 28 Aug 2014 in Resources (non-tools)

    This video shows the simulation of a 1D square well using the Periodic Potential Lab. The calculated output includes plots of the allowed energybands, a table of the band edges and band gaps, plots of reduced and expanded dispersion relations, and plots comparing the dispersion relations to...
  • Boron Nitride Nanotubes

    Featured 28 Aug 2014 in Answers

    Asked by Sneha Mane - 4 years 6 months ago - 2 responses

    Can any one tell me about Boron Nitride Nanotubes? Why there is no material on this side about BNNTs?

27 Aug 2014

26 Aug 2014

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