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Specialty Coating Systems 6800 Spin Coater

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General Information:

Coral Name: N/A
FIC: Shared
Process/Equipment Owner: Mike Courtney
Location: 2031
Max Wafer Size: 4 in.

System Information:

General Description:

Spin Coater Series allows for the uniform application of photoresists, polyimides, metal-organics, dopants, silica films and most organic and aqueous solutions to planar substrates.


Type CS Chuck: Flat Surface Cross and Scroll - Used to hold a thin, planar substrate such as silicon, glass or germanium on a spinning shaft for maximum rotational speed. Has cross and scroll design. Precise control of spin speed and acceleration/deceleration rates
Easy-to-use keypad and LCD display on the front panel
Clear cover features a dispensing slot and safety interlock
Non-programmable model (8-inch) can store and execute a single recipe with up to four steps
Programmable models (8- and 12-inch) can store and execute up to three recipes with eight steps each.
Bowl Size - Programmable 8 in. and 12 in.
Rotational Speed 0 to 9,999 RPM in 1 RPM increments
Acceleration/Deceleration 0.1 to 30 seconds in 0.1 second increments
Dwell Time 0 to 999 seconds in 1 second increments
Dispense Time 10 to 30 seconds in 0.1 second increments (programmable model only)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 13.25 x 18 x 10.8 in / 33.7 x 45.7 x 27.4 cm

Materials Compatibility:


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* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.