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Harris SLT-17V-85V14 Ultralow Temperature Freezer

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General Information:

Coral Name: N/A
FIC: Sophie Lelievre
Process/Equipment Owner: Tim Kwok
Location: Bionano East Wing Galley
Max Wafer Size: N/A

System Information:

General Description:

The ultra low freezer is designed and built for specific uses in laboratories, where specimens are kept at extremely low temperatures in order to preserve their integrity.


Freezer Capacity: 17.2 cu. ft.
Freezer Orientation: Upright
Freezer Temperature Range: -50 to -86 °C
Freezer Type: Ultra-Low Temperature
Minimum Temperature: -86 °C
Number of Shelves: 5 adjustable
Depth: 35.5 in
Height: 77.8 in
Width: 36.7 in

Materials Compatibility:


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* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.