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Candace Tsai

Assistant Professor of Occupational Health Nanotechnology Occupational Environmental Health and Safety, School of Health Sciences

Contact Information:



B.S., Chemical Engineering, Taunghai University, Taiwan
M.S., Chemical Engineering (Biomaterial Program), Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan
M.S., Management Science (MBA Program), University of Massachusetts Lowell
Sc.D., Cleaner Production & Occupational Hygiene, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Research Manager, Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety, Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Research Interests:

Develop researches relevant to the occupational and environmental exposure assessment, health risks and sustainable development associated with airborne contaminants, toxics substances, nanotechnology and its occupational, environmental, health and safety (OEHS) issues
The objectives of this research are to probe and assess the OEHS issues that will have direct implications for the nanomanufacturing technologies under rapid development. Results will help guide the overall development of a sustainable production system for nanomanufactured products and the protection to workers and general public.