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The Nanoelectronic Modeling Group works in the area of nanoelectronics where we try to better the understanding of electron flow through nano-scale devices. Read more...

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Gerhard Klimeck at TEDx PurdueU

Gerhard Klimeck, Director Network for Computational Nanotechnology and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, speaks about innovation at TedxPurdueU 2012.

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Faculty and Scientific Staff

  • Gerhard Klimeck

    Gerhard Klimeck

    Director, Network for Computational Nanotechnology and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Tillmann Kubis

    Tillmann Kubis

    Research Assistant Professor, Network for Computational Nanotechnology

  • Jun Huang

    Jun Huang

    Postdoctoral Research Associate at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Nemo 5

NEMO5 is the fifth edition of the NanoElectronics MOdeling Tools of the iNEMO group. It incorporates the core concepts and insights gained from 15 years of development of NEMO-1D, NEMO-3D, NEMO-3D-Peta and OMEN.

The core capabilities of NEMO5 lie in the atomic-resolution calculation of nanostructure properties: strain relaxation, phonon modes, electronic structure using the tight-binding model, selfconsistent Schroedinger-Poisson calculations, and quantum transport.


Major Areas of Research

The driving force for developing and implementing theoretical models is the experiment. Therefore, a large fraction of the group's efforts is dedicated to predict, reproduce and analyze concrete experimental results. Since experiments happen in "real world environment", comparisons with experiment require for the inclusion of many, very different effects, which our software development work nicely covers. The plurality of the implemented effects allows us to study a large variety of "hot topics" in modern semiconductor science...