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Welcome to the Materials Science group! If you are a student or practicing engineer or scientist who wants to learn more about materials science or an instructor looking for materials to use in a course, you can find resources here that include complete courses and seminars on specialized topics as well as simulation tools and learning activities that use simulations.

Materials Courses

Simulation Powered Learning Activities

Simulation-Powered Learning Activities

materials simulation tools

Materials Simulation Tools

Much of the material is freely accessible by any visitor, but by joining this group, you can participate in discussion forums on topics of interest to you, or work on a project with other group members. Additionally, as a group member you may receive notifications about new materials and events of interest to the materials science group members. Adding events to the group calendar is as easy as clicking on “add event”.

You can also contribute substantial resources to nanoHUB through the resource contribution process, and then send a message to the group manager so that links to those resources can be added to this group.  Three resources including a course with instructions on how to use the Rappture toolkit and publish a simulation tool on nanoHUB are here.

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