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Nano-Engineered Electronic Device Simulation Node

NEEDS has a vision for a new era of electronics that couples the power of billion-transistor CMOS technology with the new capabilities of emerging nano-devices and a charter to create high-quality models and a complete development environment that enables a community of compact model developers.

NEEDS Team: Purdue, MIT, U.C. Berkeley, and Stanford.


Ambipolar Virtual Source Compact Model for Graphene FETs 1.0.0

FET pH Sensor Model 1.0.0

Purdue Nanoelectronics Research Laboratory Magnetic Tunnel Junction Model 1.0.0

Penn State III-V Tunnel FET Model 1.0.0

See Compact Models Page

Compact Models

SPICE-compatible Verilog-A format supporting resources

NEEDS Model Development platform

Environment for developing compact models

For Developers

Resources for using NEEDS models and for creating compact models with NEEDS tools and processes


NEEDS Seminar Series, nanoHUB-U and more

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