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Nano-Engineered Electronic Device Simulation Node

NEEDS has a vision for a new era of electronics that couples the power of billion-transistor CMOS technology with the new capabilities of emerging nano-devices and a charter to create high-quality models and a complete development environment that enables a community of compact model developers.

NEEDS Team: Purdue, MIT, U.C. Berkeley, and Stanford.

NEWEST COMPACT MODEL RELEASE: Optical Ring Filter (ORF) Modspec Compact Model and Non-Faradaic Impedance-based Biosensor Model.  See Compact Models Page

NEEDS announces the public release of Berkeley MAPP, a MATLAB-based platform for prototyping compact models and simulation algorithms.

GET STARTED ON COMPACT MODELING: Take Colin McAndrew’s online workshop.

Compact Models

Verilog-A format
supporting resources

Compact models:

Tools for devlopers including MAPP & VALint.

Compact models: resources for developers                                                                                        

Seminars and tutorials for developing and publishing compact models

nanoscience to systems

Physically-detailed simulations
system level tools

nanoscience: Seminars, Courses, etc.                                                                                                   

NEEDS Seminars, workshops, nanoHUB-U and more