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Nano-Engineered Electronic Device Simulation Node

NEEDS has a vision for a new era of electronics that couples the power of billion-transistor CMOS technology with the new capabilities of emerging nano-devices and a charter to create high-quality models and a complete development environment that enables a community of compact model developers.

NEEDS Team: Purdue, MIT, U.C. Berkeley, and Stanford.

NEWEST COMPACT MODEL RELEASE: MVS Nanotransistor Model 2.0, MVS Nanotransistor Model HEMT 1.2, & Released Resonant Body Transistor with MIT Virtual Source (RBT-MVS) Model.  See Compact Models Page

NEEDS announces the public release of Berkeley MAPP, a MATLAB-based platform for prototyping compact models and simulation algorithms.

GET STARTED ON COMPACT MODELING: Take Colin McAndrew’s online workshop.

Compact Models                                                                                                     

SPICE-compatible Verilog-A format supporting resources

Nanoscience to systems                                                                                        

Physically-detailed simulations and system level tools

Model and Algorithm Prototyping Platform (MAPP)

A Matlab-based platform for prototyping models and algorithms

For Developers                                                                                                          

Resources for using NEEDS models and for creating compact models with NEEDS tools and processes

Seminars, Courses, etc.                                                                                                   

NEEDS Seminar Series, nanoHUB-U and more