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NEEDS (Nano-Engineered Electronic Devices Simulation) is a five-year NSF program charged to develop a suite of SPICE-compatible, compact models for emerging nanoelectronic devices. More importantly, NEEDS aims to create a complete model and algorithm prototyping platform (MAPP) to support the creation of high-quality compact models by technology developers and to provide designers with models that run robustly on both open source and commercial platforms. Most importantly, NEEDS aims to establish a framework for developing compact models – a set of best practices and processes supported by a suite of educational resources and by MAPP. By deploying these resources on, NEEDS will foster the integration of application-oriented device modeling with theoretical and experimental explorations. The goal is to support a community that will develop novel nanodevices for applications that address the challenges of 21st Century society. NEEDS is a partnership of materials scientists, device technologists, circuit designers, and application specialists. It is the electronics node of the Network for Computational Nanotechnology – led by Purdue, MIT, U.C. Berkeley, and Stanford and aiming to engage a global community.

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