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About us

NEEDS (Nano-Engineered Electronic Devices Simulation) is a five-year NSF-SRC  program with  a mission to advance device science and connect it to circuit and system applications.  It is an “infrastructure and research” network.  We are building infrastructure to support the creation and dissemination of physics-based compact models and leveraging experimental and computational research to develop compact models that are strongly grounded in nano-physics.

NEEDS is developing a suite of SPICE-compatible, physics-based, compact models for emerging nanoelectronic devices. In addition, NEEDS is developing a complete model and algorithm prototyping platform (MAPP) to support the creation of high-quality compact models by technology developers and to provide designers with models that run robustly on both open source and commercial platforms.  NEEDS also aims to establish a framework for developing compact models – a set of best practices and processes supported by a suite of educational resources and by MAPP.

By deploying these resources on, NEEDS will foster the integration of application-oriented device modeling with theoretical and experimental explorations. The goal is to support a community that will develop novel nanodevices for applications that address the challenges of 21st Century society.

NEEDS is a partnership of materials scientists, device technologists, circuit designers, and application specialists. It is the electronics node of the Network for Computational Nanotechnology – led by Purdue, MIT, U.C. Berkeley, and Stanford and aiming to engage a global community.