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Compact models

NEEDS is charged to develop compact models for a very wide variety of novel nanodevices. A set of carefully chosen compact models that encompass a wide variety of nanodevice physics is being developed to provide concrete guidelines for how compact models can be grounded in fundamental physics and detailed simulations and then carefully validated by experiments. Developing these models also provides a “laboratory” for addressing formulational, numerical, and convergence issues that arise for compact models. The models developed will provide the community with a library of high-quality and tested models, provide NEEDS with a set of case studies and examples, and drive the development of the NEEDS compact model development platform.

NEEDS models are licensed with the Compact Model Council (CMC) Standard license as described in the following document – CMC_Standard_license.pdf (155 Kb) and follow the CMC recommendations for versioning.

NEEDS model releases will include:

  • Matlab version for downloading
  • Verilog-A version for downloading
  • Manual (with a complete list of equations used and procedures to calibrate the model to experimental data)
  • Representative experimental data
  • References (journal and conference presentations)
  • Supporting educational resources (when available)
  • A model exerciser (when available)
  • A parameter extractor (when available)

Compact models available for downloading:

Physical/First Principles Supporting Tools:


Other compact models in development:

  • NEM resonator model (Daniel/Weinstein, MIT)
  • Spintronic device models (Datta, Purdue)
  • Thermoelectric device model (Lundstrom, Purdue)
  • Technology agnostic solar cell models (Alam and Lundstrom, Purdue)
  • CNFET model (Wong, Stanford)
  • Phase change memory model (Stanford)
  • BTBT FET model (Purdue, MIT)
  • CBRAM model (Wong, Stanford)
  • NEMS Relay model (Alon, Berkeley)
  • Optical modulator (Daniel/Watts, MIT)
  • VCSEL model (Chang-Hasnain, Berkeley)
  • 45 nm CMOS SOI RF model (Mohammadi, Purdue)
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