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Seminars, Courses, etc.


Learn about the fundamentals of nanoelectronics in a set of broadly accessible short courses.  Selected semester courses in the nanoHUB-U format are also available at nanoHUB-U.


NEEDS Workshops

NCN-NEEDS Summer Schools

Annual summer schools address nanoelectronics from science to circuits and systems. (2014 NEEDS Summer School on Spintronics is now available.)

NEEDS UC Berkeley Workshop

This workshop presented a tutorial introduction to the Matlab-based compact model development platform being developed at UC Berkeley.

How to Write, Develop and Implement a Real Compact Model

Compact models must get the physics right, work reliably over bias, geometry, and temperature, interact properly with the circuit simulators in which they are implemented, run efficiently, and follow impeccable software development practices. This workshop will be a detailed deep-dive into an industrial strength Verilog-A code for the R3 model for JFETs, diffused resistors, and polysilicon resistors. Do not think that a “resistor” is a trivially simple device to model: real resistors are affected by depletion pinching, velocity saturation, and self-heating, and to properly account for all of these effects, while ensuring no unphysical model behavior, is not trivial. But it is not as complex as a complete MOS or bipolar transistor model – so is ideal as a training vehicle for compact modeling.


NEEDS Seminar Series

Seminars on a variety of topics in nanotechnology – from materials to compact models to circuits, systems, and applications.

High-Frequency Carbon Nanotube Transistors: Fabrication, Characterization, and Compact Modeling (Claus)

High-Frequency Carbon Nanotube Transistors: A Multi-Scale Simulation Framework (Claus)

Statistical SPICE Modeling Using Backward Propagation of Variance (BPV) (McAndrew)

Impedance Spectroscopy Methods Applied to Thermoelectric Materials and Devices (García-Cañadas)

The MVS Nanotransistor Model: A Primer (Lundstrom)

New Directions in MEMS for Wireless Harsh-Environment Sensors (Peroulis)

Implantable Networks of Wireless Nanoelectronic Devices (Irazoqui)

Design and Compact Modeling of CMOS-MEMS Resonant Body Transistors (Weinstein/Daniel/Bahr)

Transistor Scaling – The Age of Innovation (Mistry)

Sequencing a Genome by a Torrent of Ions – How an Old pH-Meter Got Its Groove Back (Alam)

Xyce – An Open Source SPICE Engine (Keiter)

Silicon MEMS + Photonic Systems (Bhave)

RF Solid-State Vibrating Transistors (Weinstein)

Microelectronics in Transition (Buss)

Tunnel FETs – Device Physics and Realizations (Knoch)

The Road Ahead for Carbon Nanotube Transistors (Franklin)

From Lilienfeld to Landauer – Understanding the nanoscale transistor (Lundstrom)