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Seminars, Courses, etc.


A collection of resources designed for self-learners and educators that includes:

NCN-NEEDS Summer Schools

Annual summer schools address nanoelectronics from science to circuits and systems.

2014 NEEDS Summer School on Spintronics is now available.

NEEDS seminar series

Seminars on a variety of topics in nanotechnology – from materials to compact models to circuits, systems, and applications.

The MVS Nanotransistor Model: A Primer (Lundstrom)

New Directions in MEMS for Wireless Harsh-Environment Sensors (Peroulis)

Implantable Networks of Wireless Nanoelectronic Devices (Irazoqui)

Design and Compact Modeling of CMOS-MEMS Resonant Body Transistors (Weinstein/Daniel/Bahr)

Transistor Scaling – The Age of Innovation (Mistry)

Sequencing a Genome by a Torrent of Ions – How an Old pH-Meter Got Its Groove Back (Alam)

Xyce – An Open Source SPICE Engine (Keiter)

Silicon MEMS + Photonic Systems (Bhave)

RF Solid-State Vibrating Transistors (Weinstein)

Microelectronics in Transition (Buss)

Tunnel FETs – Device Physics and Realizations (Knoch)

The Road Ahead for Carbon Nanotube Transistors (Franklin)

From Lilienfeld to Landauer – Understanding the nanoscale transistor (Lundstrom)

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