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NEEDS Model Development platform

NEEDS is developing a platform to address the barriers to creating high-quality, physics-based compact models for emerging nanodevices. This simulation-ready, open-source, compact model development environment will be Verilog-A compliant as far as possible, but it will go beyond Verilog-A with new capabilities needed for nanodevices. It will provide a complete environment for developing, testing, experimentally validating compact models and for inserting them in commercial and open source SPICE-compatible simulation platforms.

The four components of the platform are:

The alpha release of the Berkeley compact Model Development Environment is now available to NEEDS participants. Access is currently restricted to NEEDS participants only. If you are a NEEDS PI or NEEDS student and would like to request access, please submit a ticket and provide your nanoHUB username and the name and email of the NEEDS PI you work with. Once your association with NEEDS is confirmed, we will let you know that access has been granted.

Modspec and MDE tutorials were presented at the Feb. 20, 2014 Berkeley Workshop.

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