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  • Created 29 Jun 2010

How to find the band egdes and eigen values in CB, HH, LH and SO for InAs Quantum dot embeded in GaAs

  1. Jony Chandra Sarker


    I am trying to find the eigen values(Conduction band as well in valance band) for the examples ( or Because i am interested to calculate interband transition for the Quantum dot. In this purpose, I am trying to find the output of the band edges for lower conduction band and top three valance band for heavy hole, light hole and split off band. Also, these two example file only provide eigenvalue output for conduction band. But my concern is also for valance band.

    So, Should i need to define Ec and Ev in the Bands:BandEgde command in material section and how to define it as well? Also what instruction i need to add to get the output like band edges and eigen values.

    Any advice/guidance in this matter would be very helpful to me.

    Thanks Jony Sarker

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