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Home Groups Center for Predictive Materials Modeling and Simulations (PMMS) Overview
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  • Created 28 Sep 2009

About the Group

Welcome to the PMMS group at nanoHUB. The Public Content page summarizes our work to any nanoHUB visitor. Group members use the internal wiki pages for research collaboration.

Keng-Hua Lin Keng-Hua Lin Purdue University
joshua dustin joshua dustin Purdue University
Andrea Arguelles Andrea Arguelles
Lei Lei Lei Lei Purdue University
Hank Thompson Hank Thompson Purdue University
Anna Akkus Anna Akkus
Chunyu Li Chunyu Li Purdue University
Laurent Charpin Laurent Charpin
Johnathan Goodsell Johnathan Goodsell Purdue University
Sang Ha Son Sang Ha Son Purdue University
Jaewoo Kim Jaewoo Kim Purdue University
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