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Before 2001

  • Sung-Chan Cho, Boo-Gyoun Kim, Ali Shakouri, “Improved Extinction Ratios for Both Cross and Bar States Using Two-Section Ultra Short Vertical Directional Couplers”, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, (Accepted for publication Aug. 2000).
  • Chris LaBounty, Ali Shakouri, Patrick Abraham, and John E. Bowers, “Monolithic integration of thin film coolers with optoelectronic devices,” Optical Engineering, November 2000.
  • Xiaofeng Fan, Gehong Zeng, Edward Croke, Gerry Robinson, Chris LaBounty, Ali Shakouri, and John E. Bowers, “SiGe/Si Superlattice Coolers”, Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures, no.5-6, 2000, pp.1-9.
  • Scott T. Huxtable, Chris LaBounty, Ali Shakouri, Patrick Abraham, Yi-Jen Chiu, Xiaofeng Fan, John E. Bowers, and Arun Majumdar, “Thermal Conductivity of Indium Phosphide Based Superlattices” Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, Vol.4, No. 3 (2000).
  • B. Liu, A. Shakouri, P. Abraham, and J. E. Bowers, “Optical add/drop multiplexers based on X-crossing vertical coupler filters”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 12 (6), April 2000. pp. 410-12.
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  • Liu, B.; Shakouri, A.; Bowers, J.E. “Characteristic equations for different ARROW structures” Optical and Quantum Electronics, vol.31, (12), Dec. 1999. p.1567-76.
  • Gehong Zeng; Shakouri, A.; Bounty, C.L.; Robinson, G.; Croke, E.; Abraham, P.; Xiafeng Fan; Reese, H.; Bowers, J.E. “SiGe micro-cooler” Electronics Letters, vol.35 (24), 25 Nov. 1999. p.2146-7
  • Liu, B.; Shakouri, A.; Abraham, P.; Bowers, J.E. “Vertical coupler with separated inputs and outputs fabricated using double-sided process” Electronics Letters, vol.35, (18), 2 Sept. 1999. p.1552-4.
  • B. Liu, A. Shakouri, P. Abraham, and J. E. Bowers, “Push-pull Fused Vertical Coupler Switch”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 11, June 1999. pp. 662-664.
  • B. Liu, A. Shakouri, P. Abraham, Y. J. Chiu, and J. E. Bowers, “Fused III-V Vertical Coupler Filter with Reduced Polarisation Sensitivity”, Electronics Letters, vol. 35, Mar. 1999, pp. 481-482.
  • Ali Shakouri, Chris Labounty, Joachim Piprek, Patrick Abraham, and John E. Bowers “Thermionic Emission Cooling in Single Barrier Heterostructures”, Applied Physics Letters, 74(1), January 1999, pp. 88-89.
  • L. Bin, A. Shakouri, P. Abraham, Y. J. Chiu, S. Zhang, and J. E. Bowers, “Fused InP-GaAs Vertical Coupler Filters”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 11, Jan. 1999, pp. 93-95.
  • Ali Shakouri, Bin Liu, Patrick Abraham, Boo-Gyoun Kim, Andrew W. Jackson, Art Gossard, and John E. Bowers, “Wafer Fused Optoelectronics for Switching”, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 16(12), December 1998, pp. 2236-2242.
  • Boo-Gyoun Kim, Ali Shakouri, Bin Liu, and John E. Bowers, “Improved Extinction Ratio in Ultra Short Directional Couplers using Asymmetric Structures”, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 37 (8A,), August 1998, L930-L932.
  • Bin Liu, Ali Shakouri, Patrick Abraham, Boo-Gyoun Kim, Andrew W. Jackson, and John E. Bowers, “Fused Vertical Couplers”, Applied Physics Letters, 72 (21), May 1998, pp. 2637.
  • Ali Shakouri, Edwin Y. Lee, D. L. Smith, Venky Narayanamurti, and John E. Bowers “Thermoelectric Effects in Submicron Heterostructure Barriers”, Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, 2(1), January-March 1998, pp. 37-47.
  • Ali Shakouri and John E. Bowers, “Based Heterostructure Integrated Thermionic coolers”, Applied Physics Letters, 71(9), September 1997, pp. 1234-1236.
  • Yuanjian XU, Gilad Almogy, John O’Brien, Ali Shakouri, Weihua Xu, Randal A. Salvatore, and Amnon Yariv, “Direct Measurement of Population-induced Broadening of Quantum Well Intersubband Transitions”, Applied Physics Letters, 71 (6), August 1997, pp. 838.
  • Yuanjian XU, Ali Shakouri, and Amnon Yariv, “The Effect of Temperature on the Resonant Tunneling and Electric Field Domain Formation in Multiple Quantum Well Superlattices”, Journal of Applied Physics, 81 (4), February 1997, pp. 2033.
  • Gilad Almogy, Yuanjian Xu, Andrew Tong, A. Shakouri, and A. Yariv. “Monolithic Integration of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector and Modulator”, Applied Physics Letters, 68 (15), April 1996, p. 2088.
  • Yuanjian Xu, Ali Shakouri, and Amnon Yariv, “Quantum Interference Effect and Electric Field Domain Formation in Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors”, Applied Physics Letters, 66 (24), June 1995, p. 3307.
  • Y. Xu, A. Shakouri, A. Yariv, T. Krabach, and S. Dejewski, “Direct Measurement of Doping Density and Barrier Lowering Effect With Bias in Quantums”, Electronics Letters, 31 (4), February 1995, p. 320.
  • B. Zhao, T.R. Chen, L.E. Eng, Y.H. Zhuang, A. Shakouri, J. Feng and A. Yariv, “Sub-100-mA Current Operation of Strained InGaAs Quantum-well Lasers at Low Temperatures”, Applied Physics Letters, 65(14), 1994, p. 1805.
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  • A. Shakouri, I. Gravé, Y. Xu, A. Ghaffari, and A. Yariv, “Control of Electric Field Domain Formation in Multiquantum Well Structures”, Applied Physics Letters, 63 (8), August 1993, p. 1101.
  • B. Zhao, T.R. Chen, A. Shakouri, and A. Yariv, “Performance Improvement in Quantum Well Lasers by Optimizing Band Gap Offset at Quantum Well Heterojunctions”, Applied Physics Letters, 63 (4), July 1993, p. 432.
  • I. Gravé, A. Shakouri, N. Kuze, and A. Yariv, “Voltage-controlled Tunable GaAs/AlGaAs Multistack Quantum Well Infrared Detector”, Applied Physics Letters, 60 (19), May 1992, p. 2362.

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