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“Teaching was so awesome it has inspired me to become a nano scientist” — past nanoHUB-U student

“Truly a fabulous learning experience.” — past nanoHUB-U student


Latest Online Courses

Organic Electronic Devices (edX)

Dr. Bryan Boudouris, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University

Enroll now for the February 12th offering!  The initial instructor led offering will be hosted on where you can earn a certificate.  Once the initial edX offering is complete, the course be added to nanoHUB-U for self-paced studies.

Nanophotonic Modeling

Dr. Peter Bermel, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Available NOW for self paced enrollment

Fundamentals of Rechargeable Batteries

Dr. Edwin Garcia, Associate Professor of Materials Engineering, Purdue University

Available NOW for self paced enrollment

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Nanophotonic Modeling

Organic Electronic Devices (edX)

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Transport Fundamentals - Bottom-Up Approach

Transport Fundamentals - Ballistic Conductance and Conductivity

Transport Fundamentals - NEGF


Lessons from Nanoscience

Low-cost lecture notes from World Scientific Publishing Co.

Quote WSCYLN25 to enjoy 25% discount when you order on WSPC page.


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