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  • Created 17 Dec 2013

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Welcome to the Uncertainty Quantification group! If you are a student or practicing engineer or scientist who wants to learn more about uncertainty quantification or an instructor looking for materials to use in a course, you can find material here that includes complete courses and seminars on specialized topics.

Much of the material is freely accessible by any visitor, but by joining this group, you can participate in discussions on topics of interest to you, post items to the group wiki or even work on a project with other group members. Additionally, as a group member you may receive notifications about new materials and events of interest to the reliability physics and uncertainty quantification group members. Adding events to the group calendar is as easy as clicking on “add event”.

You can also contribute substantial resources to nanoHUB through the resource contribution process, and then send a message to the group manager so that links to those resources can be added to this group.

This group contains the following:

Graduate Courses

Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification

ME597/AAE590 at Purdue University (2010) 3 Lectures.
Taught by Alina Alexeenko
Selected Topics: uncertainty quantification, propagation, molecular dynamics simulations

Characterization, Material/Process Dependence and Predictive Modeling

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2012). 3 Lectures.
Taught by Souvik Mahapatra
Selected Topics: CMOS, CMOS device reliability, device characterization, device modeling, MOSFET, MOSFET modeling, nanoelectronics, negative bias temperature instability, reliability

Reliability Physics of Nanotransistors

ECE 695A at Purdue University (2013) 40 Lectures.
Taught by Muhammad A. Alam
Selected Topics: nanoelectronic devices, reliability models, crystals, amorphous material, trapping, stochastic distribution, phenomenological, NBTI, temperature dependence, HCI degradation, Idlin methods, soft breakdown, hard breakdown, Markov chains, TDDB, circuit implications, radiation damage, failure analysis

Nanostructured Electronic Devices – Percolation and Reliability

ECE 695A at Purdue University (2009) 10 Lectures.
Taught by Muhammad A. Alam
Selected Topics: percolation, reliability of electronic devices, threshold, islands, fractals, electrical conduction, percolative systems, stick percolation, nanonet electronics, reliability, randomness, thick eielectrics, a resource for nanoscience and nanotechnology, is supported by the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.