Jobs: Postdoctoral position in Computational Investigations of Colloidal Quantum Solids for Photovoltaics, Sargent Group

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Reference code: 89752128 University of Toronto (Canada) , CA, CANADA


Post-Doctoral Researcher



Start date

01 Jun 2013

Search ends

30 Sep 2013

A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Toronto. The candidate will team up with a group of researchers in a joint experimental and model-based initiative to build high-performance, low-cost solar cells by using quantum-size-tuned colloidal quantum dots ( The goal of the theoretical thrust of the research effort is to understand electronic states in nanocrystals, including effects such as surface reconstructions and ligands, impurities, and crystal defects, and to elucidate electronic transport mechanisms in quantum dot ensembles with the aid of fully ab-initio simulations. The incumbent will recommend experimental methods to manage electronic states and improve interdot coupling.

The group has the access to leading computational resources including Xeon, GPU, and BlueGene/Q clusters. A research associate already working on related computational studies will collaborate closely with the incumbent.

We are looking for highly qualified candidates holding a PhD in quantum chemistry, condensed matter physics, materials science, or other relevant discipline, as well as: – Experience in quantum mechanical calculations of surfaces, organic-inorganic interfaces, defects, impurities. – Experience in the application of time-dependent DFT and/or GW+BSE methods and hybrid functionals in systems with more than 100 atoms. – Knowledge of the TRANSIESTA, Quantum ESPRESSO, CP2K, Octopus. – Experience in scientific programming.

The candidate should prove the ability to work independently, write scientific papers, and collaborate closely with experimentalists and across disciplines.

To apply please submit your CV with a list of publications and full contact information for two referees to Prof. Ted Sargent (

For more information please contact:

Alex Vozny Tel.: 647 974 5230 Email: