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How Do I Enable MATLAB In My Workspace?

MATLAB licenses are available by request only, and are approved on a case-by-case basis for developers of MATLAB nanoHUB tools.  See “MATLAB Use On nanoHUB” for more information on requesting a license.

If you do not qualify for a MATLAB license, the open-source alternative Octave is also available, and can be enabled using the procedure below, substituting Octave for MATLAB.

To enable MATLAB once a license has been granted:

  1. Open your workspace and within an Xterm window, type “chuse” to launch the “use” graphical interface.   A chuse window will open and list available environments.
  2. Scroll down the alphabetical list to the entries for MATLAB or type MATLAB in the search box.  Multiple versions may be available
  3. Place a check mark to the left of the MATLAB version you want to enable.  In the example below, MATLAB 2016a has been enabled.  Do not enable more than one version of the software
  4. Close the chuse window
  5. Terminate your current workspace session. If you keep your session for later, the correct path not be initialized.
  6. Start a new workspace session.   The version of MATLAB you select will be available.
  7. Type “MATLAB” in Xterm to start the software

Launching Chuse

Example: Enabling MATLAB

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