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    Museum of Science, Boston, MA

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    Carol Lynn Alpert serves as director of strategic projects at the Museum of Science, Boston; Co-PI for the NISE Net; director of informal science education for the Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing; and director of public engagement for the Harvard-based Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center. Carol Lynn Alpert joined the staff at the Museum of Science, Boston in 1999 to order to lead development of the Current Science  Technology Center, an award-winning live stage, exhibit, cablecasting and multimedia production facility designed to engage public audiences with current research. She now leads the Museum's Strategic Projects department, which fosters education outreach partnerships with research centers and produces live programming, exhibits, media, forums, and professional development workshops. Alpert also heads up the Research Center ’ Informal Science Education (RISE) partnership initiative for the NISE Network, and the NISE Network Media group, and has been working in the area of nanoscale informal science education since 2001, beginning with a strategic partnership with the Harvard-based Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center. Alpert is also active in the NIH NCRR Science Education Partnership Awards program, an advisor for Dragonfly TV Nano, and an advisor for the Portal to the Public initiative, and an appointed member of the City of Cambridge Nanomaterials Advisory Committee. Alpert has published articles about nano informal science education and public engagement in Materials Today, ASTC Dimensions, and several conference proceedings. She is the director of the Museum’s Nanotech Symposium for Educators and Journalists, writer and director of the Museum’s popular Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show, and producer of the new six-DVD educational video series, Talking Nano, available at Before coming to the Museum of Science, Alpert was a non-fiction book editor and developed and produced documentaries for the NOVA Science Unit, Frontline, the American Experience, Scientific American Frontiers, War and Peace in the Nuclear Age, The Nobel Legacy, and the American Museum of Natural History. She earned her BA Magna Cum Laude in History of Science department at Harvard University and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, AAAS, ASTC, and MRS.

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