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Mac or windows for scientific programming

Every time, I find myself deciding weather to use windows or mac for scientific programming. I always fall in the conclusion that either Mac or windows is fine, as long as I can get the job done with either of those. The only difference is that when I get really stressed about some of the features I can’t turn off easily, I tend to take a lot of time to find the procedure that leads to this.

Moreover, if later on or at the same time I am checking out a tutorial or some other reference material, the interface is what makes the difference. I personally liked to use Mac’s Snow Leopard’s spaces functionality. This allows me to keep different tasks separated and organized. While on windows, the single desktop functionality is sometimes cluttered.

But it is sometimes good to get the screen cluttered, as this is a sign of over task processing, which sometimes can lead to some mistake.

In matlab, for example, it is convenient to have at most three active windows. One for programming, one for running the code, and one for reference.

But as I personally like the way Mac organizes stuff, I am currently leaning more towards Mac than windows.

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