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Personal page development

Recently, I have been developing a personal web page on which I can keep track of my projects, as well as keep my thoughts organized. My only concern, which I would like to share with a general audience, is that I don’t really know which program to use to develop the web page, or if I should use a special software like Mac’s iWeb.

What I currently think about it, is that I should start from scratch and develop the page as I learn some web programming. This way I would be learning page development while getting the page done.

The only problem with this is that every time I get to program each individual page, I get into the problem that I need to create each hyperlink manually, as well as format every piece of text. Eventually, I would end up writing template makers in python or some other language, that would eventually look somewhat similar to those out there.

My conclusion is that as I would be learning some programming on the way to get the page done, it would be more convenient to get it done manually.

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