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    Dr Kurt Stokbro, born 1965, is an internationally recognized researcher and serial entrepreneur. He is a cofounder and CEO of QuantumWise A/S, and has previously held a professorship at Copenhagen University and positions at Technical University of Denmark, where he has coordinated a number of EU and Danish-funded R&D projects. Dr. Stokbro has published more than 60 papers and review articles in international journals, held a large number of lectures as invited speaker and has organised 3 international conferences in nanoscience. Dr Stokbro is external adviser to the Intenational Research Committee(IRC) in Nanotechnology at University of Cambridge and the Center for Computational Atomic-scale Materials Design(CAMD) at the Technical University of Denmark.The scheme for ab initio calculations of quantum transport, developed by Dr. Stokbro and co-workers, has become the de facto standard for electron transport calculations and has laid the foundation for QuantumWise A/S and Atomistix A/S

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