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    NoblePeak Vision Corporation

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    Dr. Rafferty, co-founder of NoblePeak Vision Corporation, is recognized worldwide as a leader in semiconductor process and device modeling. While a PhD student at Stanford University, he co-authored the simulation tools SUPREM4 and PISCES. These tools were commercialized and have served for 20 years as the industry standard toolset for silicon technology modeling (TCAD). At Bell Laboratories he managed research in silicon process development and electronic design automation. He was at the forefront in promoting process and transistor optimization through TCAD over five generations of CMOS technology, enabling new technologies such as halo transistors and retrograde tubs. His honors include: Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers "for the development of pioneering simulation tools and models for technology computer aided design", Bell Labs Distinguished Member of Technical Staff award 1995, chair of Modeling Committee of International Electron Device Meeting 1992 and 2005. Dr. Rafferty holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, a M.Sc in Electrical Engineering, B.Sc. in Experimental Physics and B.A in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin.

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