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    I am an aerospace engineer and a Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University. I am currently working with prof. Zavattieri in the CMMLAB developing a multiscale framework that can be used to describe and predict the cellulose nanocrystals mechanical behavior, and connect atomistically informed models to experiments using continuum-based modeling techniques. ​ ​ __A little bit more about me__ I was born In Argentina. Since I was young I was interested in aircrafts and helicopters, and I always knew my future was going to be related with them. At the age of 18, I got my Private Pilot License, and at the same time I started my career as an aerospace engineer. In 2009 I got a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Universidad Nacional de La Plata (five years program). I graduated at the top of my class obtaining the “Dr. Joaquín V. González” award offered to the best students of Universidad Nacional de La Plata. One year before graduation, I became a member of the Applied Mechanics Testing Group (GEMA), a team integrated by professionals from the Department of Aeronautics who perform technology transfer throughout special services, testing, research, assessment and technical support to industries and companies. Being a part of this group allowed me to build up my skills as an engineer not only in the technical aspect, but also working in groups and networking. As a part of GEMA, I worked in different projects ranging from numerical simulations of entire train cars, to assessments of the failure of aircraft parts after accidents (expert report), and numerical simulations of aerospace components (SAC-D and TRONADOR project) In my last year at GEMA, I was in charge of the preliminary structural design of the entire expendable launch system: TRONADOR, including internal and external parts for Vex-1 to Vex-4 and Tronador II. In 2010 prof. Zavattieri contacted me, and in August of that year, I became a member of the CMMLAB starting my exciting career as a PhD. Student …

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