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    Preedom North American Telecom Networks Canada Limited Research Consulting Group

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    Industry / Private Company

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    Preedom Global Telecom & Web Research Innovation Network Technologies c/o Preedom North American Telecom-Northern Research Scientific EGC Networks Canada
    583 Daintry Crescent
    Cobourg Ontario, K9A4X9

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    I am very interested in becoming a technology research scientist and engineer when I complete my PhD. in Engineering Management from the IISCE University and when I receive my other academic rewards and awards from other academic institutions-there is a desperate need in Cobourg-Port Hope (Northumberland County) for education in technology and electronics engineering research and development in this area where the Ontario and Canadian economies has taken a turn for the worse where manufacturing jobs and our only technology call center has vanished from the employment landscape of Cobourg and Port Hope and the employment job number of over 1500 jobs has vanished as well leaving many people and families in despair and going to foodbanks. It is a shame that most high school students are not educated in technology but only learn to use computers and cell phones in high school-the technology sector is the only answer to the Ontario and Canada job economy and infrastructure employment job and opportunities sectors-it is the answer to our areas social and employment problems and our childrens future as citizens with a future.

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