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    Scuola Normale Superiore

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    University / College Graduate Student

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  • Biography
    '''7/2004''': Maturità scientifica (High School Degree) from "Liceo Scientifico Gregorio RIcci Curbastro", Lugo (RA). '''12/2007''': Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from "Alma Mater Studiorum", University of Bologna (105/110). Supervisor: prof. Andrea Munari. '''03/2010''': Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering - Microelectronics and Sensor systems from "Alma Mater Studiorum", University of Bologna (110/110 ''Summa cum Laudae)''. Supervisor: prof. Renato Colle. '''Since November 2010''': PhD student in Computationa Chemistry at Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa. Supervisor: prof. Vincenzo Barone __'''''Previous Scientific Interests'''''__ '''2007''': Fabrication and characterisation of Fowler - Nordheim Field Emission from Multi - Walled Carbon Nanotubes @ "Istituto per la Microelettronica e i Microsistemi (Imm)", Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Bologna. '''2010''': Numerical characterization of the I/V characteristic of molecules (in particular oligotiophenes) sandwitched between metal electrodes, using ATK package @ "Dipartimento di Chimica applicata e Scienza dei Materiali (DICASM)", faculty of Engineering," Alma Mater Studiorum" University of Bologna. Current Scientific Activities Currently working on problems related to electronic transport through molecules coupled with metallic leads.

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    it flag Italy

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