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Table 1: Overview
Item Value
Contributions: 2
Total Simulation Users Served: 104
Total "and more" Users Served: 76
Rank by Contributions: 487 / 1687
First Contribution: 28 Feb 2013
Last Contribution: 26 Jun 2014
Citations on Contributions: 3
Table 2: Simulation Tool Usage
# Tool Name Users served in last 12 months Simulation Runs in last 12 months Total users served Total Simulation Runs Citations Published On
1 Exciton Dynamics Lab for Light-Harvesting Complexes (GPU-HEOM) 31 341 104 2,933 3 28 Feb 2013
TOTAL 31 341 104 2,933
Table 3: "and more" Usage
# Resource Title Users served in last 12 months Total users served Citations Published On
1 Moving Biophysics to the GPU Cloud for Studying Energy-Transfer in Photosynthesis Online Presentations 19 76 - 26 Jun 2014
TOTAL 19 76

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