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    Argonne National Laboratory

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    In his 35 years at Argonne, Dr. Reed has led several major and widely diverse technical areas of R&D, including liquid metal MHD (LMMHD) and free-surface LMMHD for fusion applications, liquid lithium “windowless” targets and strippers for the Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) applications, materials and corrosion, high-power laser material processing (e.g. laser welding of refractory metal alloys, laser surface treatments and coatings, and laser drilling of rocks), and a NASA Space Power design project. He is the primary subject matter expert for mechanical and EM pump technology for the resurgent sodium fast reactor work at Argonne. He has written more than 100 publications and reports. Today, he is recognized as Argonne’s expert on alkali metal systems both sodium and lithium, including engineering, handling, materials compatibility issues and safety. He wrote the “Convective Heat Transfer in Liquid Metals” chapter in Handbook of Single Phase Convective Heat Transfer; generally considered the standard handbook in this area.

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