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Avatar for Ozdogan, Cem
Ozdogan, Cem
Cankaya University
Avatar for Duddu, Sampath
Duddu, Sampath
Capital High School
Avatar for Bos, Carina
Bos, Carina
Car Accident Lawyer Chicago
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Avatar for Kastein, Lewis
Kastein, Lewis
Cardiff University
Avatar for trombone, jazzy
trombone, jazzy
Cardiff University
Avatar for Summers, Huw
Summers, Huw
Cardiff University, Wales, UK
Huw Summers is an EPSRC-funded Advanced Fellow (1996 to 2001). His general area of research is in the physics of semiconductor lasers,...
Avatar for Scipioni, Larry
Scipioni, Larry
Carl Ziess Microscopy
Avatar for Miller, Ron Earle
Miller, Ron Earle
Carleton University
Avatar for Kalavagunta, Anudeep
Kalavagunta, Anudeep
Carleton University
Avatar for Robertson, Taylor
Robertson, Taylor
Carleton University
Avatar for Louis, Curtis John St.
Louis, Curtis John St.
Carleton University
Avatar for Li, Xiaolong
Li, Xiaolong
Carleton University
Avatar for Akhtar, Soonia
Akhtar, Soonia
Carlow University
Avatar for kowallis, william j
kowallis, william j
carlow university
Avatar for Larkin, Jason
Larkin, Jason
Carnegie Mellon
Avatar for Shapiro, Seth
Shapiro, Seth
Carnegie Mellon
Avatar for Singh, Navpreet
Singh, Navpreet
Carnegie Mellon
Avatar for gilgunn, peter joseph
gilgunn, peter joseph
Carnegie Mellon University
Research fellow in the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from...
Avatar for Sharma, Abhishek Anil
Sharma, Abhishek Anil
Carnegie Mellon University