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kamal, mahtabk
Purdue University
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Kamal, Mehrukh
NED University Of Engineering & Technology Karachi,Pakistan
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Kamal, Sherif
Graz University
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Kamal, Khalid
University of Texas at Dallas
Avatar for Kamali, khosro Zangeneh
Kamali, khosro Zangeneh
University of Malaya
Master student in experimental physics.
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Kamali, Mehdi
Semnan University
Avatar for Kamaliya, Bhavesh
Kamaliya, Bhavesh
IITB-Monash Research Academy
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Kamar, Jose
Purdue University
Avatar for Kamarudheen, Rifat
Kamarudheen, Rifat
Amity Institute of Nanotechnology
Currently pursuing an integrated masters degree in Nanotechnology. My Research interests include Nano-electronics and Magnetism. Also, my...