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    Nicolae MORAR is a Ph.D. student in the Philosophy Department at Purdue University. He took his undergraduate degree in Philosophy in 2003-2004 from both ’Ecole de Philosophie et Théologie St Jean’ and Lyon 3 ’Jean Moulin’ University (France) with a B.A. thesis on the foundations and critiques of Michel Foucault's Biopower. He received his Master Degree from Lyon 3 University in 2005 with a Master thesis on the stakes of reproductive medicine in the USA. He joined the PhD Program in Philosophy at Purdue University in 2006. As a recipient of the Puskas Fellowship in 2006, Nicolae initiated the Bioethics Lecture Series at Purdue. Besides organizing these seminar series, Nicolae also works as the research assistant for Dr. Mark Bernstein, the Joyce  Edward E. Brewer Chair in Applied Ethics. His primary interests are bioethics, biopolitics (genetics and justice), applied ethics, and in Continental Philosophy: Foucault, Sloterdijk, Agamben. He published three articles in the Romanian Journal of Bioethics and has a contribution in a forthcoming book Health Care, Autonomy, and Responsibility ’Critical Reflections on the Impact of Biotechnology on the Health Care System (NY, Zeta Books, 2009). He is also involved with Dr. Dan Smith in a project of transcription of Gilles Deleuze’s Seminars.

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